Tool Design & Construction

Part tools are designed by our engineering team with extensive knowledge of thermoset and thermoplastic molding....

Production Processes

Production plant is equipped with KRAUSS MAFFEI, ARBURG & ENGEL injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 800 to 3000 kN. ...

Post Production Processes

Post Curing (heat treatment) Deflashing Lapping & Ultrasonic Cleaning Magnetization Assembly ( Metallic inserts, components etc. ) Decorative Works ( Tampon print, painting, coating etc...)

Tool Design & Construction

Part tools are designed by our engineering team with extensive knowledge of thermoset and thermoplastic molding. CAD & CAM works are done with Siemens NX software.Tools are constructed by qualified CNC technicians in our in-house tool shop which also provides high flexibility in tool repairs and periodic maintenance. The rapid prototyping for plastics and metallic parts are done by 3D printing machine.
The tool shop is equipped with;

  • 3 & 5 Axes CNC Milling Machines (DMG Mori Seiki)
  • CNC Lathe (MAZAK)
  • Laser Welding (QR LASER)
  • Electro Erosion (CHARMILLES)
  • Wire Cutting (CHARMILLES)
  • Surface Grinding (KRASNY BORETS)
  • Rapid Drilling Machine
  • Universal Milling & Lathe
  • 3D Printing Machine
  • Tool Polishing Line
Production Processes

Debak's motto is to have production competence in all areas of engineering plastics and to be ready to meet customer demands by this means.

Therefore, it can produce a wide range of materials from Phenolic materials (PF) to Melamines (MF) , from Polyester materials (UP, BMC,SMC) to Silicones (LSR) from Thermoplastics (PA, PEEK,PPA,PPS...) to Elastomers (EP).

For this purpose, the production facility is equipped with the following machines:

  • Thermoset (PF, MF, EP) Injection
  • Polyester (BMC & SMC) Injection
  • Thermoplastics (PA,PEEK,PPS) Injection
  • LSR (Liquid Slicone Rubber) Injection

In addition to single shot molding, overmolding and insert molding technologies are frequently experienced for existing products. Most of the injection machines are integrated with robotic handling systems by means of picker robots ( SEPRO) , multi axes robot arms (STAUBLI).

Post Production Processes

In order to finalize the products in compliance to customer requirements, some post productions are applied such as;

Post Curing (Heat Treatment) : To increase Tg Value and to obtain dimensional stability of the parts, Post Curing is applied after injection with our PLC controlled Industrial Furnaces.

Deflashing (Deburring) :For thermoset parts for which burr formation is inevitable during injection, deburring process is applied with different types of Automatic Deburring Machines ( RÖSLER)

Lapping & Ultrasonic Cleaning : To obtain tight tolerances ( 10mic), lapping process is applied for defined surfaces of the parts. Both flat and concave lapping is expertized for the Gas Meter Components we produce. The pass through Ultrasonic Cleaning Station after lapping operation.

Magnetization : Specifically for Rotor & Impeller components which are overmoulded on non magnetized NdBF magnets, the required value is obtained by magnetization after injection.

Aesthetic Works : For the aesthetic parts for cookware / whitegoods, Tampon Printing and Laser Etching is applied.

Metallic Component Production : Sheet metal cutting, bending, welding operations are held in house for flameguards of handles produced for cookware.

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